(The Perpetrators, Cheats, Criminals, Corrupt people and Their Organizations)



1.   What are the names of the terrorists / corrupt people / Indian terrorists who support criminals?

2.   What other names do they go by?

3.   Who are their friends and supporters?

4.   What are their interests – money, woman, gambling, betting, religious fanatics.

5.    Child hood back ground poverty – troubled family life no parents, bankruptcy etc.

A1 what identifying documents do they possess?

a. Passport

b. Green Card

c. SSN

d. Other – electoral card, Driving license card , Ration card etc.

f. What are their physical features? Height, weight, hair color, eye color, observable markings, picture, language. Etc.

 A2. Medical care

a. What medical needs do they have?

b. Where do they go to take care of them?

c. Whom do they see?

d. What medication do they take?

A3. What vice do they have? What vices might they be susceptible to?

a. Do they have criminal histories?

b. Types of crimes? Civil, criminal, terrorism?

c. Nature? Violent, nonviolent?

d. Education


1. How long have they been in the  country or near your place ?

2. Where did they come from?

3. What is their nationality?

4. What do they own? For example, car, house, stocks?

5. Who are their relatives and where do they live?

6. Do they have family here? Are they close?

7. Are the relatives part of a terrorist organization?


1. Work/Income

a. What work experience, training, and expertise do they have?

b. Where do they work?

c. What type of work are they currently engaged in?

d. How long have they been employed? At this job? Other jobs?

e. How much do they make?

f. Do they have other income/other visible means of support?

2. Funds

a. Where do they keep their funds?

b. Whose names are on the accounts?

c. Who is authorized to withdraw the money?

d. How do they spend their money? What have they bought lately?

e. What means do they use to pay—cash, charge, checks, other?

3. How do they spend their non-working hours?

D. ASSOCIATES (outside of their organization)

1. Who do they associate with? Who do they converse with?

a. What do they talk about?

b. By what means? Phone, mail, e-mail, face-to-face?

c. In U.S., outside U.S.?


1. What other organizations do they belong to?

a. Are they active?

Do they attend meetings?

Other types of activities in the organization?

b. Do they provide funds or services?

 2. What other organizations do they interact with?

a. How do they interact?

b. Do they attend meetings?

 3. Do they Worship?

 a. Where?

b. How regularly?

c. Do they go with anyone or meet people there?

d. Activities before and/or after the service?

4. What are the profiles of the religious leaders?

Who are they?

Where did they come from?

What are their Political orientations?


1. Residence

a. Where do they live?

b. How long have they lived there?

c. Whom do they live with?

d. Who owns the residence?

e. Why do they live there?

Convenience to work or shopping?

Need to be close to others in the terrorists organization?

f. Who are their neighbors?

2. Where do they shop? What do they buy?

3. What do they eat? Where do they get it from?

4. Communications Means

a. Phones – Home, work, cell, etc.

b. E-mail addresses

c. P.O. Box


  1. 1.   Daily Travel – Weekdays, weeknights, weekends

a. Means

b. Schedule

c. Purpose

2. Type of travel – Non-daily

a. Local

b. Within the  state ,other states , country

c. Outside country

3. General – Non-daily travel

a. Reason for travel?

Business or pleasure?

Visit family?


Per religious law

b. What transportation means do they use?

c. Who provides the transportation?

d. Public or private? If private, who owns the vehicle? Who operates it?

e. Where do they travel to? How long do they stay? What do they do? With whom do they meet?

f. With whom do they travel?

g. How often do they travel?

h. Do they always make plans to return?


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